Fantasy Football

FPL Manager Strategy: Survey, End-of-Season

Before the start of the 2016/17 season, I conducted a survey of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers to canvas opinion about how the game is being played. My main interest is to see how opinions, strategies and perceptions evolve as the season progresses, and whether the best-laid plans are railroaded by the realities of the game.

Below is a link to the final of the three, the Post-Season survey. If you didn’t take part in the first two surveys please feel free to fill in the survey anyway, as all data is interesting data. If you did take part in the first couple of surveys and recognise some of the questions, please approach them with a fresh eye drawing on your experience of the season; please don’t try to remember and replicate what you answered originally.

This research is purely for my own curiosity and I will publish the findings at the relevant times on this blog. There is no commercial incentive for me and should the opportunity arise for it to be published elsewhere, I will not be taking any fee my work.

So, in advance, thank you for contributing. Please spread the word to other FPL managers (you can retweet this, use this blog’s URL, or use the shortened URL direct to the survey here) that you may know because the more participants we get, the more robust the results will be. Please start the survey below (you can wait until after GW38 if you’re season is still in the balance!).


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