Fantasy Football

FPL Manager Strategy: Survey, Pre-Season

Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending some time on Twitter talking to Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers as they plan for the new season. What has struck me is that many have a clearly defined strategy in mind for a least some aspects of the game (even if this is to determinedly have no strategy at all). I would very much like to canvas and record opinion on how FPL approach the game and how their ideas and strategies evolve over the course of the season.

This survey will be the first of three (Pre-Season, Mid-Season, Post-Season) designed to see how strategies and perceptions evolve, and hopefully whether a particular way of thinking can increase the chances of climbing the rankings.
This research is purely for my own curiosity and I will publish the findings at the relevant times on this blog. There is no commercial incentive for me and the only reason I will ask for contact details is to inform you that the 2nd and 3rd surveys are up; I am only interested in the results from participants who contribute to all three surveys.

So, in advance, thank you for contributing. Please spread the word to other FPL managers (you can retweet this, use this blog’s URL, or use the shortened URL direct to the survey here) that you may know because the more participants we get, the more robust the results will be. Please start the survey below.


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